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Michel Strogoff

 Tác giả: Jules Verne  Thể loại: Kinh Điển, Phiêu lưu - Thám hiểm  Ngôn ngữ: French  Tags: Văn học Pháp |  Đọc Online
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Michel Strogoff – Jules Verne

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Summary: Michel Strogoff – Jules Verne

Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar (French: Michel Strogoff) is a novel written by Jules Verne in 1876. Critics, including Leonard S. Davidow, consider it one of Verne’s best books. Davidow wrote, “Jules Verne has written no better book than this, in fact it is deservedly ranked as one of the most thrilling tales ever written.”

Unlike some of Verne’s other novels, it is not science fiction, but a scientific phenomenon (Leidenfrost effect) is a plot device. The book was later adapted to a play, by Verne himself and Adolphe d’Ennery. Incidental music to the play was written by Alexandre Artus in 1880 and by Franz von Suppé in 1893. The book has been adapted several times for films, television and cartoon series.

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